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BKING24 is a neutral odds comparison portal, not a betting portal. It finds the betting provider with the highest total odds for you and your combination bet within seconds. And the best: It is absolutely free for you as player.

Time is money

That is especially true when betting on sports. Odds are constantly being adjusted. During the time-consuming search for the optimal betting provider it is easy to miss the best odds; and with a combination bet, it is nearly impossible to compare the portals in your head. Our supercomputers do the work for you. Even if you want to bet on matches from all leagues at the same time, you can see who pays you the most for your bet in our hourly updated odds (soon also in real time). With just one click you can switch to this provider and place your bet.

It couldn’t be easier

Select as usual: home win, draw or away win, and then you will see the provider offering the best total odds for your bet. To allow a quick response, we clearly arrange the best providers from left to right. After each new entry, the provider with the best odds will automatically rank first. To make it even easier, you will soon also be able to register automatically via BKING24 with the available betting providers selected by you.

Noticeably more winnings

Experienced betting fans know: It pays to compare! Differences in odds between 5 and 25% are the rule, especially for bets on outsiders. But it is not uncommon to find differences of 100 % and more. This, for instance, is even more exciting when betting on all 9 matches of the 1st Bundesliga on one match day. Then you may see considerably more than a factor of 2 between the best and worst betting providers. That makes a tremendous difference in your betting account at the end of the day.

Selection of the available betting portals

We only compare betting providers who have a legal gambling license. New portals are added regularly, after thorough examination. Under the "Portals” tab you can also limit the selection of betting portals yourself. Otherwise, all portals registered for BKING24 are automatically compared.